Internat. aandacht voor logistiek Limburg: Artikel Bulk Distributor

Internat. aandacht voor logistiek Limburg: Artikel Bulk Distributor

Op 12 juni is een artikel gepubliceerd op een gerenommeerde Britse website

Every road, rail and barge leads to Limburg

By Mike Reardon | Published June 12, 2017

A central location, highly qualified personnel, international industry clusters, political support, a climate of innovation, and courses of study that respond to the needs of the market: the Dutch province of Limburg is banking on the future industry of logistics.

Limburg’s central location is a key prerequisite for a successful logistics industry. The region is the southern prong of the Netherlands between Belgium and Germany, and is situated neatly in the corridor between the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Duisburg. In addition, the province is criss-crossed by several motorways, rivers and canals. For this reason, a large number of logistics companies and service providers have settled in Limburg.

The region owes its distinctive benefits to its location at the interface between the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France. Its inhabitants are multilingual, communicative, and familiar with the business customs of their neighbours – and they view their border location as an opportunity: “We combine the best of three worlds: Dutch trading spirit and pragmatism, German standards of quality and reliability, and Franco-Belgian lifestyle,” says LIOF, the Limburg Investment and Business Promotion Corporation.

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